Coming Up: UBC Fall Classic

I’ve been trying to shake off the post-marathon blues, and I’m not gonna lie, it’s been hard. I don’t know if I’m having trouble getting out and running because I’m sad that the marathon is over, because it’s cold, because it’s been raining nearly every day since I got back from Chicago, or (likely) all of the above. Seasonal depression always makes it hard to get out and run – even though I usually run before the sun comes up, I still miss the sunshine. Even today, I’m struggling to do my interval workout. On the one hand, I could run up to the track now and go do it, but (a) there’s a really steep hill on my way to the track and I hate hills and (b) it’s cold and rainy. UGH. So, I’ve decided to do my workout on the treadmill today, and now I’m feeling even more gloomy and really don’t want to go because I hate the treadmill more than I hate hills. Seriously struggling here.

To lift my spirits a bit and have something to keep me motivated to keep up those 20+ mile weeks these next few weeks, I’ve signed up for a new race taking place Veteran’s Day weekend – the UBC Fall Classic Half Marathon in Vancouver, BC. I’m totally stoked. I’ve never been to the West Coast of Canada before, AND I’ve never been in a race outside the US. As a matter of fact, this will be the first time I’ve been outside the US since I went to Montréal about 3-4 years ago. I need to get out more.

I’ll still be measuring my splits in miles, so I shouldn’t get too thrown off by the km markers. The only problem I have is that the course is a double loop, so to stave off boredom, I’m planning to run the second loop faster than the first, maybe switch the side of the road I’m running on, try to catch some scenery I missed the first time. I’ve never run a double loop course before, so I’m not totally sure how bored I’ll get, so we’ll see. Either way, totally looking forward to my first international race, my first trip to Vancouver with a couple friends, and my last half marathon of 2016 – probably my last race as well, unless there’s anything in December that’s not a 5k – and then…winter training for a late spring full marathon. Yay! I’m so excited to run another marathon I’m registering for one in May and one in July, but I’ll post details later 😉


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