One week post-marathon

I went for a recovery 4 mile jog with a friend today. As we were finishing up our last mile I nearly stopped dead in my tracks.

“Holy shit, I ran a marathon a week ago.”

Seriously, the body is amazing. Not only do I feel fantastic, like my body is nearly healed, but this same body ran 26.2 miles! I mean, it’s amazing. I never thought I could have ever done it. Nearly everyone who’s congratulated me has told me they could never do a marathon. I just tell them I thought that exact thing a year ago, and now I dread running anything less than 8 or 9 miles. Speaking of, I’ve got another week of boring running, and I’ll still be in semi-recovery mode until I get back up to 10 miles. It won’t be for a minute, yet, since the next race on my radar is only a half marathon at the end of next month. Granted, I will be training pretty hard for it – I’ve only got 6 weeks to train, and I’m looking to get my PR down to 1:55:00 from 1:58:40, so I’ve got a pretty rigorous training schedule starting tomorrow morning with 4×400 intervals at goal 5k pace, which is down to about 7:50-8:00/mile.

This last week has been pretty tough, I won’t lie. Almost as tough as my 3 weeks of tapering. It’s hard to go from my weekly long run being longer than a half marathon to running only a 5k (or 6). I’m even looking to see where I can run on my commutes, because I feel a deep longing to go out and run. Sigh.

So, obviously I didn’t take this week off from running. Hardly. I did absolutely nothing on Monday, and Tuesday I went to my first of 3 yoga classes this week, as well as started a core workout program through Darebee, my favorite fitness website. I’m doing the 30 day Total Abs program, and trying to drop a few pounds before this upcoming half marathon. I had visible abs over the summer, but I’ve gotten lazy with my core workouts and I would be ok with having slightly more visible abs 😉 Wednesday I went for my first run since the marathon, and I felt great – was moving a bit slow, and I couldn’t really gauge my pace, since I was on an indoor track. My Garmin told me I did 3 miles, but it might have been closer to 3.25-3.4 – I lost track of how many laps I was doing. So, an indoor track may not be my thing – though I’ll probably have to make it my thing once it starts snowing – but at least I can deal with the outdoor track. On Friday I did some 5 miles over some tough hills, and today I did a very slow 4 miler with my friend Tiff.

I’ve felt very slow this week, and bloated from post-marathon water retention – though I was back down to my normal weight this morning. It’s sometimes hard for me to lose weight now, but I would absolutely love to drop another 2.5 kg before my race at the end of November. 6 weeks to lose 2.5 kg? Heck yeah, I can totally do it – just have to be very mindful of what I put in my body, which I’m pretty good about anyway. I’ll hold myself accountable by posting my weight and food logs on here for the next 6 weeks until I’m down to my goal weight of 49kg (or, let’s be honest here, less – I wouldn’t at all complain about seeing 48 or 47 kg on the scale!)


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