Marathon Training Day ???

I hate the taper. I have absolutely no idea how I handled this for my first half (speaking of, check out that fancy pants Amica Seattle Half Marathon shirt I was sporting today).

All I’ve been doing the last week has been running no more than 3 miles. To stop myself from going crazy, I’ve been playing with them a little bit. They’ve all been negative splits, my second was a challenge to go even faster than the first (and I did, by a full 10 seconds per mile!), and today’s run, as you can tell from the title, was meant to simulate the first 3 miles of the Chicago Marathon. I mean, obviously the terrain (and elevation!) is quite a bit different here in WA than I would get back home, but I was aiming for some specific goal paces. I’ll save the talk about my marathon pacing strategy for after the race – I don’t want to jinx myself!Screen Shot 2016-10-06 at 8.57.09 AM.png

All in all, not the best simulation of the first 3 miles. This more accurately combines the first 6 into the first 3, since I started out 6 seconds per mile too slow, but made up for it in mile 3, but the overall time is what I’m concerned with here.

Pay no attention to the distance of those laps, either. I’ve been monkeying around with my Garmin to figure out how to automatically calculate my splits since I know my GPS is definitely going to be off in Chicago. 45000 GPS devices trying to connect at once, surrounded by tall buildings? Yeesh, it’s gonna be a nightmare. My Garmin is just going to be one of a few thousand fancy overpriced stopwatches for the first 2-3 miles.

What’s your taper strategy? Do you try to simulate your races as much as possible?

Next up: This Saturday – the International Chicago 5k and Bank of America Chicago Marathon race expo. Heck yeah.


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